Dog Biscuit challenge

What’s the Dog Biscuit Challenge all about?


Sep 2015


dog with biscuits

The nation is aware of and thousands participated in last year’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, often with humorous results. Now, the Dog Biscuit Challenge is the so-called new kid in town, and it’s to raise money for homeless pets.

With a launch date of October 20, 2015, Connecticut Pets Alive issued the challenge to help raise money for shelter pets in need so that participating charity rescues can continue their no-kill mission.

It looks like it will be the new craze to taking over the animal-loving community, a simple google search of “Dog Biscuit Challenge” yields more than 17 pages of results.

The challenge is made to a few friends, usually via social media. Within 72 hours, those challenged either have to donate money to an animal-related cause or shelter, or record themselves eating a dog biscuit.

Of course, they also have to upload the challenge for the world to see and tag other people to nominate to do the same. Those who donate aren’t required to eat the doggy treat, but many will do both.

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