Dog Biscuit challenge

Chow Down For Charity!


Sep 2015


The Dog Biscuit Challenge went viral in Upstate New York and is about to be unleashed in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York City. Featured on WIVB, WGRZ, WKBW, WBEN, WBLK WBKO, WBBZ, WHEC, USA Today, Fox News, Buffalo News, thousands of participants including Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan were challenged to eat a dog biscuit to benefit homeless pets.

What happens when a larger-than-life NFL coach and a billionaire owner get together? Well they eat dog biscuits of course.


It seems there’s no challenge Rex Ryan won’t back. First this summer, just for kicks, he jumped out of an airplane — now it’s eating a dog biscuit. “There’s five calories in these bad boys,” said Ryan.

It’s not another Ryan stunt or the latest diet trend. But Ryan hopes it does become a trend similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, raising money for homeless pets.

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