Take the Dog Biscuit Challenge

Ask your friends to take the Dog Biscuit Challenge! The challenge is simple: give your friends 72 hours to post themselves eating a dog biscuit to show they care! Mmmm Tasty!

If they decline, insist that they make a donation to their local shelter, rescue or at dogbiscuitchallenge.org.

Let’s Get Started

Start with a video posted on social media. Look into the camera and announce that you are taking the Dog Biscuit Challenge to help shelter pets. Now, nominate two or three of your friends (call them out by name!) to take the challenge. Your friends must donate to help pets or post a video of themselves eating a dog biscuit (or both!). They have 72 hours to answer the challenge.

Let’s Have Fun & Help Homeless Pets

Show your friends what it’s like to eat a dog biscuit! You might want to have a beverage on hand to help wash the biscuit down, or perhaps some tasty peanut butter to dip it in. Maybe your own pet will join you and share a biscuit. The more memorable your video, the better! Don’t forget to mention how people should make their donation. www.dogbiscuitchallenge.org.

Share Your Video

When you post your video on your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another social platform, use the hashtag #dogbiscuitchallenge

To Donate Instead Of Eating A Biscuit Or

If you are challenged and you choose to make a donation only (instead of eating a biscuit), we appreciate your support! Please let your challenger (and the world) know that you’ve accepted the challenge by donating to dogbiscuitchallenge.org. You can help spread the word about the challenge and give homeless pets a chance! We thank you!

Dog Biscuits

Whatever your flavor preferences or dietary needs, there’s a dog biscuit out there for you! You can Google “Dog Biscuit Recipes” for many including human grade biscuits or just munch one of your own dog’s favorite treats – it’s up to you! Watch some great Biscuit Challenge videos on our blog!